Why Partner with Us?

There are many benefits to joining UMA. We hope to include you in our pursuit of creating a better business environment for all members and vendors.

  • UMA Preferred Vendor Endorsements, Prioritized Product Placement & Promotions

Every UMA Preferred Vendor will receive a UMA Preferred Vendor Endorsement. Every UMA member will honor the endorsement, and vendors will have preferred access to most of Alabama’s retail market share. The exposure you receive as a UMA Preferred Vendor will provide you with the opportunity to market new products, run seasonal product promotions, and acquire guaranteed shelf access throughout the Southeast. Vendors and members have access to initiate brand and marketing campaigns using our social media, website, and members services portal (currently in progress).

  • Access to Board Members, Town Hall, and Annual Meetings

UMA will organize monthly or quarterly town hall meetings and an annual General Body Meeting where vendors will have access to all of UMA’s advisory and members. Vendors will have the opportunity to voice their concerns in all aspects of the affected business, including market state, changes in policy, the performance of existing promotions, and strategies. Vendors and members will have the opportunity to network, discuss, and strategize for the future. We intend to initiate and build a longstanding and fruitful relationship using these networking opportunities.

  • Weekly New Initiatives Newsletter & Vendor of the Month Website homepage Placement

We will distribute a weekly New Initiatives Newsletter to all our members, and registered vendors. This will include industry assessments, best trade practices tips column, current state, and changes in government regulations. Vendors will be provided with an opportunity to promote products, and services in the newsletter, and guest author articles.

  • Website Vendor Portal and Member Services Directory

Preferred Vendors have access to our personalized vendor portal. With the portal, vendors can view existing and new UMA members, initiate communication, and follow up with each member. Vendors can view and analyze the performance of each location and each of their verticals using our state-of-the-art analytical solutions. They will have the capability to flag members for non-compliance, which then triggers a comprehensive review of that member’s location and practice.