Welcome to the official website of the United Merchants Association (UMA). We are the largest retail merchant association in Alabama. Since 2013, we have embarked on a mission as a community to learn and transform how we do business to help our members achieve strong long-term financial returns.

The progress we’ve made is just the beginning. In just eleven years, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and aligned our business model with the changing landscape. We have an ambitious vision for our future that incorporates solid financial returns for every member, environmental sustainability, and community needs. We need your engagement, support, and guidance to improve, innovate, and adapt. continuously

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Our Mission

Member’s Meeting 2018

As Alabama’s most prominent retail merchant association, our mission is to help our members achieve solid and sustainable financial returns by aligning our members’ interests with the needs of our esteemed vendors. We are equally committed to fulfilling our vendors’ interests in their quest to serve our consumers and our community.

We intend to play an integral part in our community by fostering community responsibility in our business practice and integrating environmental sustainability into our long-term business strategy.

Featured Member of the Month

Each month, we feature one of our unique members who contribute to our mission and help us strive for excellence. If you want a member featured next month, please let us know!

This month’s featured member is

Air Plane Store

7465 County Road 1435, Vinemont, AL

Featured Preferred Partner of the Month

Each month, we feature a preferred partner who contributes to our mission and helps us strive for excellence. This month’s preferred partner is Gulf Distributing ! Thank you for supporting UMA and our mission!